What will be your destination?


Choose the destination which best matches the cultural activities that you wish to do, because this country is full of cultural sites and diverse activities. It’s guaranteed relaxation.



From June to August, it’s the South Korean summer! It’s a very touristic period. The shopping areas of the town of Seoul become very crowded. With a little planning however, from July onwards, you will have monsoons. Leading to severe downpours of warm water. Don’t worry though, these downpours won’t stop you from visiting the country or from making the most of Korean beaches such as in the Gyeongsang province !



Ha ! Spring and Autumn ! These are seasons which are both suitable for visiting the country. The cherry blossom is in flower between April and May, which guarantees beautiful walks along pathways. The shopping streets of Seoul city become the preferred destination of trotting globes passionate about Korea. From September onwards, the weather becomes lighter. For many people, this is the best time to visit the towns and go on walks in the mountains to discover the hidden temples.

In the town of Seoul, there is also a walk not to be missed, which is found along the Cheong-gye-cheon watercourse. However, there are a lot of Japanese tourists during this period. So think about booking your accommodation in advance because it will be difficult to find somewhere except in Guest Houses or Hanoks.



There it is, Winter! From November to March, the cold will linger. For all amateur skiers, go to the region of Chungcheong which has amazing resorts. In South Korea, the lowest temperatures can reach -20° C.

And for those sensitive to the cold, it’s during January that the temperatures are the mildest, they stay around 0° C. Therefore I advise you to bring thermal underclothing, and appropriate footwear because the ground is often icy, even in the towns, and don’t forget a good coat.