Welcome to Jeju Island


Jeju Island is considered the most beautiful of the 3215 islands which surround South Korea. This destination is above all prised by Koreans for their honeymoons. With regard to tourists, it’s for the beauty of the places and the curiosities which are found nowhere else in Korea.

Firstly, Jeju is found in the south, in the province of Jeolla, The population numbers 560,000 inhabitants and has a surface area of 1847 km². To get to this corner of heaven , you simply have to take the ferry or the plane departing from Incheon airport which has a connection provided by the airline company “Korean Air”.

Walk along fine sand beaches and let yourself tan in the sun. And just like everywhere in Korea, the island has it’s area of nature. There are superb routes to go hiking on. Admire these volcanic landscapes with “Manjanggul”, the longest lava tunnel in the world. Visit the national park with diverse ecosystems which are home to deer and amazing azaleas. Prolong your walk towards the enormous Ilchulbong crater and it’s black sand beaches. Not far away on U-do, the cliffs of black lava clashing with the nearby coral sand beaches which are a sparkling white.

The outskirts of the islands are also certainly worth a visit for those who are amateur divers! You will see the swimmers which are called the “Haenyos”, dive holding their breath so as to fish abalones. There are around 5000 women who do this job, which is very dangerous due to the weather and season, you will see them dive. Their number is decreasing and these women, contrary to what people think, are quite often fairly old. There is a reason for this: the young women don’t wish to do this dangerous and difficult work. The bravery of these women evokes admiration. They are easily the main distraction of the island. Visitors hurry to see them.

Visit Jeju Island

Take a long hike from the crater lake to the summit of Mount Hallasan which dominates the volcanic island of Jeju.

This mountain is the highest point at 1950 metres above sea level. Enjoy spectacular views of the island’s four ecosystems.


Try an underground walk in the world’s largest lava tunnel network, the “Manjanggul” .

Take a nature walk, starting with the climb to the wooded Ilchulbong crater, then have a swim at the black sand beach of Ichulbong followed by a lunch of freshly caught fish.


Go scuba diving and discover the multicoloured corals and marine life off Seogwipo, a relaxed village with two stunning waterfalls.


The beaches, waterfalls, museums, spas and luxury hotels of the resort of Jungmun, make it the preferred destination of Koreans for honeymoons.