Lanscapes of the province of Gangwon waiting for you !


With a population of a million and a half inhabitants and a surface area of 16 874 km², the province of Gangwon offers Koreans the possibility of making the most of the favourite past-times hiking, if you see Korea from on high, you will see that the cities, large as they are, are bordered by hills and mountains. The demographic of the country is an immense mountainous area.

So you can easily go for a walk along the pathways wherever you find yourself. It gives you the chance to relax along far away from the noise and pollution of the city.
For the more adventurous, the mountain Seoraksan which is the highest in the whole of South Korea and is a national treasure. It dominates the port Sokcho which lies on the yellow sea.

It’s rich in ancient monuments


Although the region isn’t particularly rich in ancient monuments, is is famous for its shamani festival from Dano to Gangneung. There is also a vast park which is full of phallic sculptures created by artists. Some of them are comic and others are sensual. You will see nothing shocking. It’s a visit filled with laughter which you won’t forget!

If you go to the frontier of North Korea and South Korea, with the help of binoculars, from the the reunification of Tongil observatory you will be able to see the legendary mount Kumgangsan, which is found in North Korea.

A small cultural note: the coast is equally as treasured for its culture. On New Year’s Day, they get up in the middle of the night to admire the first sunrise of the year over the ocean. It’s meant to bring luck.


Visit province of Gangwon

Seoraksan National Park rises high up beyond the clouds and has been made a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the fact it is home to various rare animal species. It is suitable to visit at any time of year as it contains ski resorts, hot water springs, beaches and historic monuments. It is also a nature reserve containing a huge variety of different types of animals such as deer and birds of prey, and these are free to roam the park at will. Breathtaking natural sights and landscapes, such as waterfalls.


Hwanseon Cave (Hwanseongul) extends for around four miles and contains various waterfalls and underground pools.


In the city of Gangneung there is a museum dedicated to Thomas Edison. So if you want the opportunity to have some light shed on the subject …


Haesindang Park, which is located in Sinnam, is home to a museum of phallic sculptures. Go for a wander around the grounds of the museum, which is entirely housed in the open air.


Taebaeksan Provincial Park is one of Korea’s three sacred parks. It is home to several temples as well as a natural spring water river that is used as a water supply in the country.


You will get the opportunity to see North Korea from the Tongil Unification Observatory. It is one of Cheorwon’s remaining vestiges of the Korean war.