Korean Food


Korean food offers a wide selection of dishes that are cooked in a healthy way. Due to the food is low in fat and its recipes are varied. On the menu, you’ll find meat, often beef and fresh fish. It’s because most regions have port cities, there are a seafood, and vegetables. It’s possible of to cook with rice or noodles, either with or without broth.

You can order your meal and watch your main dish as it is being prepared. You can find many covered markets in South Korea’s various cities. Consequently, the cost of food at a restaurant in Korea would be about the same as if you were to go shopping and cook it yourself.



You’ll be able to enjoy some soups. There are many recipes in the various regions. Some of them will be exclusively local, so don’t hesitate to check out some of the little hidden restaurants in the lanes and alleys of the big cities or surrounding villages. These culinary specialities will allow you to discover certain foods.



Of all these specialities, there is one that is common to all of Korea – Kimchi, which is fermented cabbage. It’s a dish that Koreans may prepare regularly. And it’s certainly the dish that has the most variations of its basic recipe: there are more than 300 official recipes. It’s on every table during celebrations.



Vegetables are used in soups and as a side dish. Typical Korean meals consist of a main course and several small side dishes.



Fish is an important food in Korean cuisine. It is healthy, very affordable and always fresh. Because South Korea is almost an island, only one region lies exclusively inland.

All the other regions border the Pacific Ocean and benefit from fishing ports, one of which has a very famous fish market in the city of Busan.



Meat dishes are plentiful in South Korea. They are mostly made with chicken, beef or pork. Beef is often used in dishes, especially the beef powder that can be found in many Korean sauces, including dishes made exclusively of vegetables.

So don’t just rely on the main ingredients if you want to come up with a Korean dish by the book.

And before I let you discover some Korean cooking recipes, I’m going to warn you. A lot of Korean dishes are spicy!