There are many of them, and they provide a quality place to stay at an affordable price for visitors. There are about 70 large establishments in the country. Hotels are a more comfortable alternative.

These are accommodations that have been transformed into guest rooms, promoting opportunities for interactions with local Koreans and other travellers. This type of establishment is common in Seoul.

These are dormitories, starting at 15,000 ₩/night, equipped with double rooms, from 40,000 ₩, sometimes with a private bathroom. The bathrooms, showers, satellite TV, kitchen and laundry are shared with others.

Rates usually include internet access and breakfast. To find an accommodation near a metro station, visit Book your accommodation now, at .

Host Family


These are Korean families who will let you stay in their home for a reasonable cost. You’ll enjoy their knowledge of the city where you’re located, and you’ll enjoy their homemade dishes. Everything comes together in this experience, so you can totally immerse yourself in Korean culture.

Usually, you’ll have a bedroom for some privacy. These families like to meet strangers and practice their English with you. For a short-term room, expect to pay at least 30,000 ₩ per person per night. You should know that the price decreases over short periods.

You can find accommodation on



These accommodations are affordable, especially because there is no deposit. You will have a room that includes, most of the time, a bathroom and toilet. You’ll have to ask about the room’s amenities: sheet rental, there’s not necessarily a window, and the room will be no more than 8 m².

Furthermore, it is an accommodation designed for a rather long stay. In general, you can get this type of accommodation if you commit to at least 2 months.