Motel and Love Motel


This is the most common housing with rooms that are certainly small, but have all the amenities: a bathroom, TV, DVD player, telephone, fridge, drinking water dispenser, air conditioning, heating, toiletries and even computers.

Love motels are for couples looking for a few hours of privacy, but they also accept travellers for one night. They are not very respectable.

Pensions and Hanok


Some hanok, which are traditional Korean houses, are transformed into pensions. This will be a special experience, even though the rooms are small and you sleep on a ‘yo’ (a mattress or futon) placed on the floor. In less expensive hanok, the bathroom is shared, but many establishments offer rooms with a private bathroom. Rates often include breakfast.

Minbak and Pensions


Minbak provide an accommodation, most often with full board. They are near to ski resorts, beaches, national parks and the countryside, as well as on islands.

The price is about 40,000 ₩ for a room, and double that during peak season. You can share the same room with several people. Expect to pay about 10,000 ₩ for each additional person.
High-end minbak cost a minimum of 50,000 ₩ for a charming room with a kitchenette.