Rent an apartment


For rent an apartment in South Korea ? It’s the best choice if you stay in Korea at least some months. They are equipped with a kitchenette, but are rarely furnished. They often have services available such as a a laundry room in the building, and sometimes a gym.

The rental cost may be affordable, but you should be aware that the deposit is very high.You will therefore need a minimum of 3500 to 4000 euros (unless you are very lucky) to pay the deposit for a ‘One Room’ which is the equivalent of a studio apartment.

You should know, if you negotiate a higher deposit, the rent will be lower as the lessor invests the money and profits from the dividends.

Rent an officetel


If you want to work on where you’re living, this accommodation is for you! Be aware that they have been set up for entrepreneurs and people who telework. It is therefore perfectly legal to use your mailing address professionally and personally.

There are also additional services like a laundry room, a gym, and equipment lending if you pay a deposit… you will be able to iron out the fine detail with your lessor.