Campsites and shelters


Don’t forget to rent road trip for housing in South Korea ! You will find many housing for one night or a few nights while your road trip. Thera are campsites near beaches and at the entrance to some parks. A pitch costs a little over 5,000 ₩. They generally only open in July and August. Campsites and shelters often sell out completely on weekends and during the high season.

Sauna dormitories


“Jjimjilbangs” almost all have a dormitory or a room for resting, where you can spend the night, even though they are not designed for it. The entrance fee is less than 10,000 ₩ and gives access to the sauna as well as the dormitories.



Around 100 temples, located throughout the country, offer accommodation to people. You can spend a few hours living life at the pace of the Buddhist monks. The rates per person include a meal.