Seoul fashion !


Women do not hesitate to buy luxury items and are not afraid to show their originality. Above all, they want to show off their svelt and slender figures.

Like in any country, there are rules of dress. In Korea, women do not wear low-cut necklines, because it is considered vulgar. They often wear a camisole under their blouses and other clothing to avoid any accidents, for example when they lean forward. Men and women often wear long sleeves in summer to avoid getting a suntan. The obsession with white skin is very real in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Conversely, you will see Koreans showing their legs with mini-shorts and mini-skirts : this is absolutely not considered inappropriate. High heels are also seen in every dressing room. They are able to shop for a whole afternoon wearing them.

Koreans are fashionable and won’t hesitate to spend a lot of time in their bathroom every morning. They take special care of their faces using masks bought in the many “beauty shops”, which offer a wide selection of cosmetics. Make-up is an integral part of their outfit, because they are systematically judged on their appearance.

With that said, there is another style for men and women. For a casual look, they wear oversized hoodies with slim jeans or shorts with sneakers, not to mention the unavoidable cap.

The cap is an indispensable accessory! You will see shops that have them everywhere you go. It’s also a matter of being in a relationship: they choose the same cap to let people they encounter know that they are together. It is one way to show that they belong to one another. This is also the case with other clothing like T-shirts or matching swimwear for him and her. There are a lot of little street vendors who sell them.