The movement Hallyu


The Korean government started a movement to win over the world by financing kpop and dramas (Korean series). The aim: to make people abroad talk about South Korea. They can currently be accessed online through different broadcasters.

South Korea was successful in portraying a modern and dynamic image through K-pop, as well as through TV series and cinema. Altogether this was named the ‘Korean Wave’, or ‘Hallyu’ which is the Korean term.


The South Korean government’s support in developing the music industry and certain TV programmes can be measured in millions. This strategy, also called ‘Soft Power’, gave Korea a good chance to develop economically in the tourism sector. High quality foods and cosmetics have also been promoted. Several e-commerce sites offering these products have been created in the recent years.



Musically, Kpop is a phenomenon with roots in the influence of American music, whilst maintaining features specific to Korea.

The success of K-pop is mainly due to social networks and the Internet which together have popularised groups such as SHINee, SuperJuniors, and many more! There are so many names which are usually unknown in the traditional media (excluding specialised written press). They are making boy bands and girl bands fashionable again.



Unlike Western TV series, K-dramas are Korean series which are usually made up of between one and three seasons.

Most series are aired after only a few episodes. Thanks to the shooting in “live shooting”, a realization of episodes as and when, the story can evolve according to the reactions of the public. These shootings are sometimes difficult because the actors have to turn intensively in the but to realize the episodes in the time. Sometimes, we read in the Korean press, the accidents of certain actors who are blessed during the shooting after stunts performed.


The rhythm of filming is maintained and it can happen that some actors are in a cast and film anyway! K-dramas can be romantic comedies, thrillers, historical series, detective stories … These series allow young talents to make themselves known and to get their careers going.