Preparing to travel

You can visit the French Embassy in Korea for your visa application.

30 HAP-DONG, Sodaemun-gu. CPO Box 1808 SEOUL

Métro ligne 2 verte, arrêt : Ch’ungjongno

Tél : (822) 312-3272

Fax : (822) 393-9852

Postal applications are available (except for working holiday visas): the complete set of documentation must be sent with a cheque made out to the Korean Embassy to cover the visa costs, as well as a return envelope.

Pre-paid, pre-completed Chronopost return envelope (only Chronpost envelopes are accepted, with the sender named as : Ambassade de Corée, 125 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris


To get around in South Korea, you can of course hire a car if you wish. However, there is a national public transport network that will allow you to get anywhere with ease.

General information about obtaining a Visa

For a stay shorter than 90 days, no visa is necessary for French citizens travelling for tourism or business.


For more information, contact the embassy by e-mail at or by phone on +33(0)1 47 53 69 89


To learn more about the visa required for your stay, visit the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in France.


Documents to take with you

When heading abroad, you need to think about taking official documentation that will allow you to complete the process.

You will have to find an apartment, to open a bank account, to get a phone, and even to work.

In order to comply with all requirements, you must have :

     Your passport, your driving licence, and a current proof of identity.

     A health insurer who will provide you with coverage throughout your stay.

     If you want to be able to work, make sure that you don’t forget your qualifications: recruiters will ask you to provide proof. In addition, you should be aware that you’ll nee to translate them into Korean for them to be officially recognised.

     For those who have already found a job, consider taking your tax notices (generally, the last three) and your last three payslips to deal with any administrative requests (e.g., when obtaining accommodation).

Little More

Driving licence

You must have an international driver’s licence when entering Korean territory, which will remain officially valid for six months from your arrival in the country.

This period will be sufficient for you to take your Korean driving test.



Electrical equipment

Remember to take an adapator with you, or buy one when you arrive to recharge your phone or computer, because Korean power sockets are not the same as ours.

If you want to move hardware such as white goods on a permanent basis, check the label on the back of your products to ensure that they are compatible with a 60 Hz frequency ; otherwise the device will be unusable in South Korea.



The postal service

The Korean postal service works like our own. It delivers packages and distributes letters to people’s homes. Taxis charged for packages with a value greater than 100 euro.

Emergency numbers

General emergencies 119

Police 112

Missing people 182

Ambulance 129/1339

Jet Lag